Friday, October 06, 2006

Poker News.

Unless you have your head buried in the sand you will know that the US have bundled an anti-online gambling law through.
Party Poker have already said they aren't taking new players. Which is a shame as they have just started up a MAC client. If you have a Mac and aren't American though this is great news.
Go HERE to check it out. You can use the code SUPERDEAL to get an exclusive 120% bonus up to $200. (

If you don't have a MAC and are based in he US then Ultimate Bet have said they are still accepting players. You can get a great 100% bonus of up to $650 here.

Click here for Ultimate Bet.

Genius, Drunk or Idiot??

Or is he all 3? The 'crazy' Tony G berating another hapless loser. Whatever you think about him he is definitly entertaining.